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Is Bitcoin rising ? 🚀

The price of Bitcoin is increasing nearly every year, but why? Is it possible that Bitcoin goes up forever? Why are stocks, houses and consumer goods prices rising? And what is money? What are important and necessary characteristics of money? Why are prices increasing although we are working, innovating and increasing the productivity every day? Why don’t we learn about money and monetary history in today’s education system? Why are the measurements for length, time and weight fixed to natural constants, but the measurement for our prices isn't? Just few understand this. Be one of them and discover the world out of a new perspective. Fix your money, fix your world!

Stocks & Assets

Is everything going to zero measured in Bitcoin?

Choose your unit of account

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In a world where central banks manipulate interest rates and expand the money supply, it makes sense to change the unit of account. Just like currencies, we can also convert the prices of other assets using the rule of three. We find out that stocks, real estate, or indices measured in Bitcoin or gold also tend to fall over the years. This is an important insight because once we realize that we can choose our unit of account, we obviously choose a unit of account in which prices fall through productivity growth and innovations. While doing this our savings become worth more over time. Saving makes sense again as we become aware of the opportunity costs. Change the unit of account in the chart to see the stocks and assets from a different perspective.

  • Each person can choose his or her own money and unit of account with the rule of three

  • It makes sense to choose a money in which prices are stable or even decrease

  • Saving makes sense again, because the purchasing power of the savings increases


Are today's currencies stable?

Choose your unit of account

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You might think, that Bitcoin and Gold prices are rising, or are the central bank currencies falling? Prices are just exchange ratios and obviously this ratio changes over the years. We need more and more dollar, euro or franc, to buy a fraction of a Bitcoin or an ounce of gold. Otherwise, we get more and more dollar, euro or franc for our Bitcoin or gold. This happens because central banks increase the supply of their currencies every year and in every crisis. Also more and more people understand that today’s currencies do not maintain their value and thus switch to scarce things like Bitcoin or gold. Change the unit of account in the chart to see the currencies from a different perspective.

  • A price is just an exchange ratio measured in the past

  • All central bank currencies are falling measured in scarce assets over time

Currency competition

What is money for you?

We have found out that today's currencies are not a good money because the money supply is being expanded and prices are rising as a result. But what new money should we synchronize with? Who decides that and what criteria do we use to choose a good unit of account? So far, we have only looked at prices from the past, but there are also characteristics that good money must have through the logic of human action.

What functions must money fulfill?

We use money to make it easier for us to live together through exchange transactions. This results in three main functions of money. We use money as a medium of exchange, as a store of value and as a unit of account. From these, we can derive characteristics that good money must have to fulfill these functions.


For money to maintain it's value between exchanges, it must be durable and not rot, rust or weather.


In order for our exchanges to be as efficient as possible, money should be easily divisible.


For exchanges to take place at all, money must be transferable or transportable from one person to another over space.

Censorship Resistance

Censorship resistance guarantees that all rules are set and followed equally, and cannot be changed for personal gains.


In order for money to be of equal value between the time we receive it and the time we spend it, the money supply must be limited. An expansion of the money supply leads to redistribution effects and injustice.


All monetary units should be as equal in quality as possible so that exchanges can be conducted with confidence.


The ability to verify authenticity is important so that an exchange partner cannot be defrauded with counterfeit money.

Candidates for good money in comparison

Currency Competition

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We see that gold measured in Bitcoin has steadily lost value through the last years. Likewise, we can say that Bitcoin has gained significantly in value over gold through the last few years. Economic calculations are just reasonable and meaningful if we as individuals use good money as our unit of account. Only by doing this, we can allocate resources efficiently in the economy and identify incentives to produce for the biggest needs of the people and increase everyone's prosperity. This is currently not possible because economic calculations are distorted due to our bad money. Money is not created by a central authority, but by the actions of the people and their daily decisions. Any action starts with the single individual who thinks about money. It is up to each individual themselves from which perspective it views prices and therefore the world. So, what is your money? Choose a good money not only for your life, but for our life. Use the rule of three to your advantage and at the same time fix the wrong incentives in our society. Better money, for a better world! Fix your money, fix your world!

Search for a good money

Calculate prices in good money

Save good money

Perform profitability and economic calculations in good money

Study the logic of human action!


What is the impact of sound money

Each person can choose his or her own unit of account. This gives us the opportunity to look at prices from both an inflationary and a deflationary perspective. Just as in the natural sciences we have linked the units of meter, kilogram or second to a natural constant, we can also use a constant to measure prices - a constant money supply. This has implications for the individual, for businesses, and for society as a whole, which are outlined briefly below.


  • Prices tend to fall in the long run due to innovations and productivity increases
  • Saving money becomes worthwhile again
  • Long-term orientation grows


  • Sound money as reserves
  • Prices and profitability calculations are linked to a constant
  • More incentives for companies to be productive and deliver quality


  • A single unit of account as the global standard for economic calculations
  • Incentives to save and build capital leads to prosperity
  • Financial inclusion for all people
  • Competition as a major regulating force
  • Sustainability and resource conservation through less consumption and property rights

Fix Your Money,
Fix Your World!